The Vedas are not only magnanimous, but also require precision in its handling. Hence to ensure quality and reliable output (digitisation) on this website, the following systematic and planned process of working has been laid:

A) Scanning of Vedas and Translation: The available arya translation in Hindi and English will be scanned and preserved. To start with, the translations done by Maharshi Dayanand have been scanned and is available at . But the scanned books is just the fist step towards digitisation. Since scanned docs have various limitations (like not google friendly), proper type setting / typing in Unicode font is essential. 

B) Typing in Unicode: Unicode is the latest and most reliable font in Vedic literature typing. It is developed by Unicode Consortium, which is an international association for fonts of all governments including Indian Government. Today, all fonts for all Indian languages, (like Devanagiri, Tamil, Bengali, etc) are available in Unicode technology. Also, a common man, whether thru SMS or facebook are using Unicode fonts for typing and reading. Unicode fonts are computer readable and hence further analysable.

C) Dividing the Work in Lots, amongst Us: We have divided the Vedic Literature in lots of 50 to 100 pages. We also have impaneled paid typists, who can type in Unicode fonts from the scanned books. The typists are alloted work in lots. Each page of scanned book typed costs Rs.50/-. After the text is typed, they are proof read by proof readers (volunteers). The whole process is managed on this managed through this website by the administrators (volunteers).

The cost of each typing lot can be financed by the donors, who are duely acknowledged by appropriate tagging on the respective mantras.

So, the work on this website is being progressed with the help of the following people/ functions:
1. Donors
2. Typists
3. Proof readers / Checkers / Correcters
4. Web Administrators
We need and welcome people for each of the above functions.

D) Integration: Each Work Lot and person carry unique identification number so that the full trail of work done with time-lines can be maintained (by the master administrator). The process is fully transparent. Each person can view the progress of the project thru the following links:

Devanagiri Typing can be done with the hep of the software called HindiWriter.Exe, which can be downloaded from this link: