The objective of this website is to make a collection of translation / interpretation of the mantras of the Vedas.
Vedas have 20000+ Mantras. Gradually we will put all the Mantras in a sequential manner in this website. One "Webpage" each for each mantra.
We will also try to put the most popular translations / interpretation of those mantras in Hindi, English and others available. This will be the "Main Section" of the Mantras.
We will then provide access to the interested people allowing them to put "Comments" on any of the mantras. Comments may be a suggestive addition, a different view of interpretation, or a call for shastrarth (discussion) on any of the Vedic Mantras. The comments / a brief of the comments may be uploaded in the main section, if felt appropriate.
The members will also be able to attach additional reference material as "Attachments"
The Main Section + the Comment Section + the Attachments will form one Webpage of the mantra. We plan to have one page each for each mantra. So there will be 20000+ Webpages on this website. Also, given that the material available on certain mantras may be quite elaborate, some Webpages may be quite lengthy... please bear.
Suggestions and Help... Welcome...
Virendra Agarwal
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Virendra Agarwal,
May 15, 2020, 2:28 AM